Queue Management System for Airports & Automated Theme Parks


If you are managing a business which involves customers queuing on a regular basis, in particular for transportation purposes whereby each customer has to receive specific checks such as background and luggage scans, it would be extremely beneficial to have a queue management system that can generally make the task much easier and quicker. That’s why we’re delighted to talk about MFlow, and the huge positive impact it can have on the likes of airports, and we will now delve into the main reasons why.

To begin with, at an airport, passengers will initially check in and submit their luggage, and a little later on, they will pass through security before eventually boarding the plane. But what if a passenger is late, or is somewhere else on site, or happens to have several metal objects that may be harmless but ultimately cause delays? Well, MFlow can make a big difference through its use of digital identification touchpoints. This makes it far easier to find a passenger as they move through various stages of the pre-flight journey, as well as informing people more easily about any delays, how they themselves can prepare for security more quickly, and to generally help both the passengers and the airport staff with having the queues move more quickly and with more efficiency. They also alert passengers about their boarding gates, again saving time and making things easier and more relaxing during their waiting times.

Next, they can serve a vital purpose in the event that passengers are planning to board who may not have their passport, or who may not legally be able to travel for different reasons. The airport has to handle such situations with the greatest of care, but in the meantime, this has a massive impact on a queue for a flight and/or for security gates; it only takes one passenger having such problems to cause a delay by 15, 20, maybe 30 minutes, or maybe even longer. Again, MFlow will make it easier for the airport staff to identify these problems as they arrive at the airport and pass through different digital checkpoints, because the issue of whether they can legally travel will be raised and identified earlier, as opposed to everybody only discovering when they enter security, and with everybody having to pay the price through lost time.

Finally, it results in the passenger enjoying a smoother time pre-journey because the use of MFlow reduces the necessity for paper tickets, repeated ID checks and so on. Thanks to MFlow, they can digitally run through each of the vital stages, showing their personal details and flight information more quickly rather than scrambling through paperwork for several minutes. At the security gates, they will be alerted earlier about what can’t be brought through and given more detailed guidance, which will prepare them more thoroughly for the scanners, meaning they can pass through in no time. And when the time comes to actually board, they can go from the lounge to the plane within moments, because they are alerted earlier in advance about their departure gate, and again paperwork is less vital when receiving the final checks before being allowed access to the plane. Our other products include MSite and MTrust, which are used for construction online inductions and right to work check software and ID pass application respectively.

Construction online inductions and right to work check software - MSite
Construction online inductions and right to work check software: MSite

All of these result in queues moving along more quickly, thus eliminating frustrating delays and therefore meaning that the queues themselves will be a lot smaller, making the whole process so much easier for everybody involved. If you want to find out more about MFlow, check out our website at www.humanrecognitionsystems.com/product/mflow/.