Lunch Deals Liverpool: Best Thai Street Food In Liverpool


Liverpool is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United Kingdom, if not Europe as a whole with some of the best lunch places to eat in UK. The town caters to people of all backgrounds and all tastes, and amongst these groups are those who enjoy sampling the fine taste of Thai food and lunch deals. As such, they will be looking for the best that they can find, and we are proud to say that we here at Tiger Rock are the absolute best establishment around for Thai street food. We will now explain why this is the case.

To begin with, Tiger Rock has two fantastic locations in key areas of the city. One of these is right in the middle of the town centre, situated on North John Street just yards away from the thriving Liverpool One shopping complex, and is ideal for anyone who wants to pop by before or after a day browsing the stores. Our other restaurant sits on Smithdown Road, itself one of Liverpool’s busiest streets, and also right at the heart of the city’s student accommodation apartments, making it a perfect hub for those who are coming back from lectures, those who are heading on a night out with friends, or those who just want to enjoy some fine food.

Next up, there are the vast options available on our menus. Everybody will have their preferred favourite dishes when it comes to any food, and Thai food is no different. There are a wide range of small plates, amongst them Satay Ayam and Shu Mai, as well as small bowls comprising of Nasi Goreng and Hoi Tom Kha along with others, and plenty of excellent side dishes, a great example being Kow Neow. These are only a small fraction of the many fantastic foods that you can find here at Tiger Rock.

Finally, we pride ourselves on always providing food that is of the absolute highest quality standard. Indeed, we want to make sure that our customers come to Tiger Rock to enjoy the very best Thai food, and that they come away with a smile on their face and a spring in their step with the intention of returning at a later date. What’s more, our prices are the fairest that you will find anywhere for food of such divine taste, meaning that you are also making a saving in the wallet. And we can deliver to you as well, meaning that you can even enjoy this excellent Thai food from the comfort of your own home.

All of these are the main reasons why Tiger Rock are the very best when it comes to Thai street food in Liverpool. Find out more by taking a look at our website, which is