Loose Leaf Tea gifts ideal for mother’s day


So, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, you haven’t forgot I hope (Sunday 31st March – you’re welcome), why not say thanks to your mum or wife (behalf of the kids) by treating her to some super special tea?

Here at BT Web world, we like our teas, so we made an office challenge. Everyone should nominate a tea to be used in this year’s Mother’s Day gift list, obviously we were not accepting everyday ordinary tea in our top 3 tea gift ideas to treat your mum.

  1. Herbal Tea

Since we are all young professional and of the same age group our mums are +50 year, so our first nomination came in group of tea I hear about a lot yet I have never keen to try myself. Obviously, chamomile got mentioned I received a taster sample from Leaf Tea Shop in Liverpool. The advice I received from the staff there was its good for relaxation. Well couldn’t agree more, Nothing quite beats a naturally caffeine free, herbal tea before bed.

Abit of info about Chamomile, it’s a medicinal plant, hence why it used for aiding people to slumber. That made it top of the list since I know how important sleep is especially if you tend to take a while to switch off at night!

  1. Green Tea

Dragon Well was nominated for this groups. One of China’s most loved and flavour some pan-fired green teas.

According to Wikipedia

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make oolong teas and black teas

Why is it called Dragon Well? This tea originates from Longjing a village from the province of Zhejiang. Therefore, Dragon well translates to name of that village. I am not a fun of liquirice but am sure this tea will be a winners amongst the mums as it has a delicate flavour with a smooth finish that reveals hints of chestnut and liquorice.

  1. Match Tea Powder

I know little about matcha. Personally, its looks more like a fad than an everyday product people would use. Why then have I added this to the list am sure you are asking? Two simple reasons: Its expensive and also some people swear by some big medical benefits. I interviewed some top café and they said Matcha drinks should be bright green, shade grown and packed in Japan with a lovely smooth taste. Anyway, we decided to visit Liverpool’s best food and drinks street (Bold street) and again since we know Leaf Tea Shop are specialist tea blend suppliers we ordered a ceremonial Grade Matcha. Their Supreme Matcha is grown on the outskirts Kyoto (ancient city in Japan). Supreme Matcha is made from the nutrient-rich young leaves of the tea plant and has an impeccably intense umami flavour and velvety soft finish. Felt weird drinking it but after a few goes and knowing the health benefits I will make this a habit. I also go the recipe.

For more information about Loose Leaf Tea visit: leafteashop.co.uk/loose-leaf-tea/