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If you are looking for a course to teach you laser hair removal, and especially if you wish to train in the capital, then look no further than the courses that we offer here at London School of Beauty & Makeup Beauty School in London. We have the best laser hair removal training and equipment with facilities centres in East London and West London. In particular, we have our NVQ Level 4 Certificate in Laser and IPL Treatments course which covers laser hair removal in great detail and to the highest possible standard, as we will now explain in further depth.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Training Facilites in London
IPL Laser Hair Removal Training Facilites in London

Are these beauty therapy courses near me?

The goal of this course is to train you to the point where you are fully qualified to deliver laser hair removal treatments at a top level. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best training, ensuring that you will be deemed ready to graduate only when you have become skilled at every core aspect, in part because of the fact that laser hair removal is an intricate and serious treatment that requires due care and attention at all times. It also requires a thorough understanding of what is involved, the potential issues should a treatment go wrong, and the key benefits that you can explain to clients, as well as emphasising to them exactly how laser hair removal works. All of this will be covered within the course.

What Qualification do I get?

Given that it is a Level 4 course, it is considered an advanced programme for existing therapists and beauticians (See more courses here Other colleges in London offering top class qualifications in beauty include London School of Beauty & Makeup which you case see their courses here: In other words, while the course is very much open to those aspiring to work in the field, it is also something of a post-graduate course; it is a great way to educate those who are already working within the industry, or those who simply want to top up their skills. Because it is Level 4 training, the course will cover all advanced aspects of laser hair removal, including skills that simply will not be covered at Level 2 or Level 3. Those who do obtain a Level 4 graduation are considered to be the very best at what they do.

In particular, the NVQ Level 4 Certificate in Laser and IPL Treatments course will include the likes of basic health and safety precautions for operating laser technology (a given for any course, but particularly for this programme), how to analyse hair and skin types, spotting any treatment contradictions or potential risks/obstacles towards somebody receiving this treatment, and how to put together a treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of a client. The programme is handled on a part-time basis, and it lasts six weeks. And we emphasise that we possess the very best tutors and highly-experienced, professional therapists, so you are definitely in the right hands if you decide to enrol onto our courses.

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