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Coworking is the new craze in office space letting and we can say its ideal for companies experiencing growth boost and also those companies that are hard to predict their future. In the past when I have talked about office moves with some of my business friends they normally gave me a me a list of needs their new premises should meet. Before moving office have a quick think and ensure all the stakeholders are happy and onboard as you might overlook a lot of crucial elements in regards to office space.

At Sensor City, you get a wide range of high-quality managed and serviced office space to suit all shapes, sizes and budgets, and to add to that they are fully managed to help you running smoothly.

Business success comes from creating the right kind of environment. What do you get from Sensor City:-
– Managed Telephone
– Leading Technology & IT network backbone
– Mailing box
– Security
– Maintained washrooms and supplies
– Support facilities (Meeting rooms, Seminar centres etc)

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Office Space for Hot desking and CoWorking spaces available at Sensor City Liverpool UK
Office Space for Hot desking and CoWorking spaces available at Sensor City

Hot desking

According to Wikipedia: Hot desking is an office organization system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface during different time periods. Hot desking is great for companies with employees working in the same office but on different times and this phenomenal originated from sailors who used to co-share bunking space a naval term normally called hot racking.

Rapid Prototyping Laboratory Facility

Rapid Prototyping Laboratory facilities to rent in Sensor City Liverpool
Laboratory facilities for rapid prototyping in Sensor City Liverpool

In simple terms, Hot desking allows you to work from where you want usually client side or a collaborating workspace with other like minded individuals. This is what you get with Sensor city and loads of benefits when you become a member. Therefore, what are you waiting for, unleash yourself from the ties of 9-5 traditional office lockdowns on a desk.

Best Serviced offices liverpool

Our serviced offices benefits from many fantastic features, including everything from lounge areas and video conferencing, to phone answering and concierge services – depending on availability.

Why Liverpool?

Liverpool has two hundred year of global trading experience and this has helped it grow to be a hub for innovation from both the creative and digital verticals. We have seen tremendous growth up North and after Manchester, Liverpool is closing up the gap. As a result of the 3 big universities, it has become a centre for medical science with top hospital (Alderhey for Kids, Liverpool Royal & Broad Green) all commanding various disciplines. Liverpool is also home to Jaguar Land Rover, British best car manufacturer.

The work ethics in Liverpool is great and hence why we are seeing multinationals getting premium office space in this par to the world and it’s also a stone throw away from Northern Ireland via the Ferry and an airport making it easy to link with Europe.

Sensor City has been designed to encourage collaboration on every level, providing companies with access to community, knowledge and assets all under one roof. For more information visit website or call us: 0151 705 6000