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Many people confuse hygiene with cleanliness! We know that hygine is more than that and hence why people need to be empowered to change their habits both at home and the workplace for a hygenic environment. Loorolls supplies janitorial products and cleaning supplies to commercial setups (businesses, offices, restaurants, Hotels) and residential and we know that a poor track record can lead to expensive results from scathing reviews and poor footfall which as a result will decrease your margins and result to even business closures.
A recent survey indicated that people will not complain about price as much as they would for dirty facilities, beddings and foul smells and it only takes one social media message to go viral and ur business goes bankrupt.

Anyway, The guidance document for workplace list 3 key points which we have listed below.
(1) Every workplace and the furniture, furnishings and fittings therein shall be kept sufficiently clean.
(2) The surfaces of the floors, walls and ceilings of all workplaces inside buildings shall be capable of being kept sufficiently clean.
(3) So far as is reasonably practicable, waste materials shall not be allowed to accumulate in a workplace except in suitable receptacles.

What is Hygiene?

According to Wikipedia:-

Hygiene is a set of practices performed to preserve health. The World Health Organization (WHO) goes on futher to say that in order to prevent the spread of diseases and maintain status quo on healthly living we need to ensure certain levels of cleanliness. To drill down further, hygiene comes from the name of the Greek goddess of health ( Hygieia).

Good hygiene can be described as deploying the highest standards of cleanliness together with the deployment of proactive preventative measures, regular monitoring and continuous improvement programs. Read this hygiene article from for more insight of why you are best using paper hand towels in the business environment as one step of improving the hygiene in your workplace.

Staff Clothing:

Staff must wear clothing that is: suitable, clean and protective. At Loorolls we have a variety of workwear ideal for your staff whether they work in the kithen, bar, restaurant, washroom or factory you can always rely on us to kit them with some protecive clothing.
Protective clothing is important in the workplace as it provides some level of safety and reduces a workers exposure to hazards irrespective of what environment you are working in whethe rits construction or hospitality. To enjoy wholesale discounts on all cleaning supplies in commercial and residential please visit: