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With teething dogs and puppies it might be debatable on how long the chew toy will last. The constant chewing to relieve discomfort on your dogs gum might require you to replace the toy every month especially for aggressive chewers.
Design can also contribute as puppy chew toys with joints and a lot of cracks can harbor germs making it unhealthy hence it is important to replace the toy often.
We have the best chew toys for puppies listed below. For more detailed toys review visit:

#1. Nylabone Romp ‘n Chomp Freezer Bone – Wolf

Coming from a leader in the teething industry, this charming bone comes with small pieces of rubber meat pieces to suite your furry friend chewing preferences. The design is especially geared toward moderate chewers and teething puppies can enjoy. A must-have for your puppy chew toys!


  • Romp ‘n Chomp Treat Toys keep dogs entertained and make treats last longer
  • Safe and healthy chew toy; helps clean your dog’s teeth
  • Made for moderate chewers and teething puppies
  • Refillable treat compartment; toy can be filled and frozen for more fun
  • Includes a natural treat
  • Keep dogs entertained and make treats last longer.
  • Rates 4.3 in Amazon.

#2. Squeaky Fruit Toys

Great for playing fetch in the house, an adorable set with lots of noises and textures and hours of fun for your puppy. The banana has crackling sound to it, which your little dog will loves, and will be spoilt for choose, so funny to watch. Make your dog very happy carrying the toys around the house.


  • 4 kinds of fruit toys: carrot, pepper, banana and watermelon.
  • Help dogs release anxiety and enhance feeling with family
  • High-quality plush and comfortable cotton fabric.
  • Soft, durable, safe and non-toxic.
  • Help puppies’ teeth and gums grow healthily.
  • Squeaky sound keeps pet dogs and cats away from dull life.
  • Rates 4.3 in Amazon.
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#3. Natural antler puppy chew

Antlers are really good and for any dog owner with a teething puppy in the house and chewing unstoppable you need a diversion tactic. This will ensure your puppy chews on these for hours, for utmost enjoyment. Great for chewing and will save your furniture.


  • Highly recommended by vets for teething dogs.
  • Perfect for dogs whatever shape age or size
  • Out of all the toys and treats the antler is definitely one of his favourites.
  • Small antlers good for puppies and larger ones good for older/bigger dogs.
  • A long lasting chew which is free from additives and preservatives
  • They are low in fat, hypoallergenic and act as a natural toothbrush
  • They are clean chews, leave no stain or mess on the carpet and have a very low odour
  • Rates 4.6 in Amazon.

#4. Little Rascals chew puppy toy

Sometimes simple is better! Multi textured and stylish, this chain toy will keep your puppy busy and assist in cleaning its teeth with a lot of chewing and ample fun.


  • The decorated textured surface for soothing and massaging irritated gums.
  • Hygienic, circular piece designs prevents bacteria accumulating in cracks and joints.
  • Perfect gift for your puppy.
  • Help in cleaning your puppy’s teeth.
  • Exercises your puppy jaw muscles.

#5. Rosewood Duo Dental Puppy Bone

Saving time, two chew bones at a time! If your puppy loves to grab quickly on your leftover bone after dinner, this option will be a must-have for her. It’s easy to hold with endless biting options that mimic the real bone and features a unique non-choking design.


  • Ideal for small dogs, puppies and teething puppies.
  • Helps in massaging teeth.
  • Removes tartar and bad breath.
  • Keep your puppy active by exercising her jaw muscles.
  • Helps in general teeth care.

Have yourself a chuckle every time you catch sight of your dog gnawing on his chew toy! The best 10 chew toys above come with unique shapes offering different edges and textures to satisfy your puppy/dog preferences.

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The best place to use this toys is in an open space and therefore we recommend getting a waterproof dog coat for winter ( and a tracker ( you dog decides to leg it or chase some squirrels into the woods whilst playing with you especially now that darkness is coming in earlier.

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